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Who doesn’t love a good coupon!? Share some with your customers!


To add a coupon, click the pink ‘Add New Coupons’ button on the top right.

White Walls Marketplace Coupon01

  1.  Coupon Title – Create a unique coupon title that you’d like your customers to use at checkout.
  2.  Description – Add a description.
  3.  Discount Type – Product Discount VS Product % Discount
  4. Amount –
  5. Email Restrictions – Are there any emails you’d like to NOT be able to use this discount? If so, type them here.
  6. Usage Limit – Would you only like the first 10 Customers to use this discount? Or maybe just 1?
  7. Product – Select the products that are available to use this coupon on.
  8.  Exclude Sale Items – click the box if you’d like Customers to NOT be able to use this coupon on sale items.
  9.  Minimum Amount – Do you want a minimum sale before the coupon can be used (example ‘5% off with a $20 purchase). Enter in the amount.
  10.  Exclude Products – Are there products you do NOT want the coupon to be used on? Select them here.