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Lets add some product to your Marketplace Store!!

On your Dashboard, click the Product tab. I have outlined it in red below.

Now you can see any/all of your products you have listed on the Marketplace. Mine is currently empty. Click the button on the top right ‘Add New Product’. I have outlined it in red below.

ProductListing01TutorialResizeOn the left is your screen to add a product.ProductListingDashboardTutorialResize

On the right is what your listing will look like.

I realize these thumbnails are teeny tiny so please click them to enlarge the image. You can then use the magnifier to enlarge the images (or the short cut pushing the control button AND the + at the same time aka ctrl+)

I wanted to show you where everything will go in your listing.

Everything is pretty self explanatory but here are descriptions of the form.




  1. Title – what’s the name of your product? That’s right, give it a name!
  2.  Price – how much are you selling your product for? There is also a option for a discounted price! HOW COOL! There’s a little check box to ‘Schedule Discounted Price’, click that and fill in the dates that you want the product to be on sale for.
  3.  Category – we currently only allow one category per product.
  4. Tags – we currently do NOT have this feature enabled.
  5. Upload a Product Cover Image – and when you’ve uploaded one, maybe upload a few more to show your product in use.
  6. Short Description – say a few things about your product, maybe a sentence or a few descriptive words.
  7. Product Description – now is the time to tell us ALL about your product.
  8. SKU – if you use a Stock Keeping Unit system, just add the number here.
  9. Stock Product Management – if you’d like to show how many of your product you have in stock, click the box to enable this feature. You will then be asked your Quantity, status and if you’d like to allow backorders.
  10. Single Order Quantity – check this box if you want only 1 of this listing to be allowed per order (example, a customer would not able to order multiples in the same order).
  11. Downloadable Product – if your product only downloadable (example, art) please click the box to enable this feature. You will then be asked to add the file, select a limit to the number of downloads and how many days you’d like the download to be available.  If you have a large file, use the file URL (you will have to use a service to subscribe to. Example, www.files.com – I’ve never used them, I’m just trying to show you options).
    Downloadable Product
  12. Options – this is great for customized products. Click the box ‘This product has multiple options’. Now fill in the Option Name and Options Values (example, Option Name – Frame and Options Values – Black, Brown, White. Now sellers would be able to choose what frame color.) You can do multiple options – just click ‘add option’ (example, for the next set you do Option Name – Size and Option Values – 5×7, 8×10, 11×14). Now customers would be able to choose either a black, brown or white frame in a 5×7, 8×10 or 11×14. HOW COOL! To further read about variants, read the blog post!
  13.  Shipping – here are your shipping options. There are options in the ‘Shipping Class’ for different USPS Flat Rate shipping options. If you select one of these, it will not reflect when the buyer goes to checkout. Please make sure you have your shipping information updated in your store.

    If you have a product that requires different shipping than the shipping you outlined in your Seller Dashboard > Settings > Shipping OR if you would rather set up your shipping per item … click Override default shipping costs for this product. You can now adjust –

    Additional cost, per quantity additional price, and the processing time of the product.

    I think a great first step to setting up your store would be to figure out your shipping. Is it easiest for you to just set a flat rate? Is it better for your customer to pay for the shipping depending on the item? The choice is yours!

Other Options
Product Status – Online (a published listing) or Draft (an unpublished listing).
Visibility – Catalog or Search, Catalog, Search, Hidden
Purchase Note – Leave a note here for your customers to get when they purchase your product.
Enable Product Review – If you’d like for customers to be able to leave reviews, check this box.







Additional Information


Your seller information will show at the bottom, under the ‘Seller Info’ tab.